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Since its inception 8 years ago, MSDS.CO.NZ has been the largest free online database of Safety Data Sheets (SDS). During that time, the system could be used free of charge and SDS documents could be freely viewed and downloaded.

Currently, up to half a million documents are downloaded from MSDS.CO.NZ each month, which puts a great strain on our servers as well as the maintenance and upgrade of the site. As MSDS.CO.NZ is not funded by the government or any other grants, we have been forced us to introduce a mandatory subscription, which will allow us to recoup our operating costs and the costs of upgrading the site. By charging a subscription, we hope to improve and expand the site further.


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 Redesigned MSDS.CO.NZ web site launched

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 Unlimited use of the SDS database
 Advanced search, e-mail and download
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 Creation and updating of SDS
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